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We help ordinary, busy individuals & investors generate income on their already-existing cryptocurrency assets through 'Liquidity Mining' and 'Yield Farming'.


The first phase is dedicated to learning more about your investor profile, asset diversification, and goals.


Utilizing information from Phase 1, you'll learn to find different income-generating strategies to formulate your portfolio.


After finalizing your portfolio in Phase 2, you'll backtest your strategies one last time & deploy into the positions.


Once your capital was deployed in Phase 3, you'll craft a management flow for your portfolio to create a balance between time & money.


Last but not least, you will use the data you collect in Phase 4 to optimize your overall portfolio to suit your investor profile & goals.

5-Step Proven System

The ‘DeFi Accelerator’ is our proprietary 5-Step Roadmap for establishing & scaling a DeFi Passive Income portfolio.

We designed this roadmap with simplicity in mind, making it easy for both beginners that have never touched cryptocurrency and DeFi veterans to follow.

This roadmap includes an interactive experience with top-notch support, along with over 5 hours of content, and 10+ spreadsheet and resource templates.

Invaluable Education

Proper education is a concept that has been around for hundreds of years. We believe we’re at the forefront of the industry when it comes to explaining hard-to-understand material.

Our curriculum has been carefully structured to ensure you are only learning concepts that apply to your personal strategy as opposed to being overloaded with valueless information.

Personalized Resources

We believe a big part of education is planning out your portfolio and actually applying the information you learn.

Our personalized resource suite makes it easy for you to do just this by providing you with countless templates and worksheets for you to fill in.

The best part - we teach you exactly how to tailor these to your personal investor profile.

Private Investor Group

Our Private Investor Group is packed with high net worth individuals from all around the world, bringing diversity and expertise to your experience.

A network of seasoned investors makes your DeFi journey ten times easier because you can collaborate on opportunities and request feedback on your milestones.

Weekly Group Training

Every week we invite our members to join us on a group call where we unveil exactly what we are investing in and the performance of our portfolios.

We dedicate part of the call to collaborating on finding the best DeFi opportunities out there.

The remaining time is set aside to answer any questions you have, whether you're navigating our roadmap or have completed it.

Proprietary Software

While we do love our fair share of spreadsheets, we believe having a sleek user interface to find the best DeFi opportunities and construct portfolios is crucial.

We’ve developed institutional-grade software for our members to use so they can easily progress through their DeFi journey.

Our intuitive software ensures that even complex strategies are simple to navigate and execute.

Exclusive AMAs

With our connections in the DeFi space you'll have the chance to connect with people that run multi-billion-dollar DeFi projects to ask them your questions.

We host exclusive 'Ask-Me-Anything' calls with new & well-established DeFi projects to provide you with the inside scoop of what's being built in the space and any new updates to keep your eye on.

Previously Featured

Thomas Nye

IT Professional & Entrepreneur

"I surpassed every goal that I had... I'm making a living in crypto and, you know, every week I'm pulling out thousands and thousands of dollars. I believe that we're on the verge of a major change in the world in terms of digital currency and what crypto has to offer, and I want a piece of it in every way. I made back the money I invested in your course in one week, and it's been life-changing and so exciting to apply what I've learned from your group."

Mitchell Howard

Forex Trader

"I recently had a motorcycle accident... the trauma affected me emotionally, psychologically to the point where I can no longer trade. I came across this program on YouTube... got on a call and it was explained to me that I could be making anywhere from 20% to 50% or more on my money just depending on what my risk was. Right now I'm making anywhere from $200 to $300 a day passively... 100% this is going to be the best money that you've ever invested in."

Scott Eskridge

Mortgage Broker

"I started with about $35,000 and have been performing close to 20% a month... I'm up almost $40,000 from where I started. Learning how to manage my investments on my own has been invaluable, and I now feel comfortable and self-sufficient. This program has provided a unique opportunity for high returns and has been instrumental in helping me build and diversify my investment portfolio."

Noah Klementz

Automotive Painter

"I got into this type of crypto because I was looking for a direction and wanted to learn more. After joining the program, I've experienced consistent earnings and feel more comfortable with my investments. I would totally recommend it to anyone looking to use their crypto to make some passive income because the program is skill set-based and you learn a lot along the way."

Ryan Penley

Sales Manager

"BuildrWealth has really expedited a lot of the learning process that comes with a very new industry. Listening to someone who's a pioneer in the DeFi space has been a real asset, helping me avoid mistakes and make better investment decisions. This relationship has been imperative for navigating the DeFi space where there aren't many resources available."

Tom Nye

Joining Jake's group has been the best decision I've made since joining crypto years ago. Since learning from Jake, I now make a living from the fees I earn using his methodology.

Scott Eskridge

The cost of the course has been more than paid for by the returns I've been able to achieve in the past 5 months, and I know I wouldn't have been able to master liquidity pools without the instruction and coaching.

Mitch H.

BuildrWealth has been an outstanding investment for me. Their DeFi education, with a special focus on concentrated liquidity pools, has allowed me to build a high-yielding portfolio based on my risk tolerance.


I consider myself very fortunate to be part of such an advanced and well-prepared team where every detail is meticulously taken care of. It's an extremely positive experience that is worth every penny.

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BuildWealth provides you with a proven 5-step system and personalized guidance to help you reach your financial milestones. Learn from professionals and access the tools you need to thrive in DeFi.

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